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Looking Forward to a Healthier 2022

We always look forward to the New Year and it was nothing different this time too. However, most of us are apprehensive about what 2022 holds for us, especially when the last two years have not been so good for all of us. Tricity Scoop spoke to some of its readers to tell us something that they wish for in the new year.

Megha Patyal, RJ with Big FM

Last two years have taught us the importance of life and time. In the coming year we all must ensure that we value and celebrate each moment, person, and time because Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. A very happy new year to all the readers of Tricity Scoop! Stay Safe! I wish 2022 brings the best for the world and our city, and ofcourse the end of this pandemic!

Balpreet, Journalist, writer and filmmaker

I wish the new year brings us into a new vibe of being loving, musical, creative, and trusting of the cosmos. By now, after almost two years of corona, we should know that the Divine is really in-charge and that we should live by the moment in gratitude, peace and celebrating simple things of life. I wish 2022 marks another big leap into collective evolution.

Z Sanj, Music Director

As the new year is around the corner it’s my wish that Coronavirus vanishes from the world so that we all can have a prosperous life ahead, moreover the evil minds of our society disappear as soon as 1st January comes! Happy New Year to the readers, have a marvellous year ahead.

Dr. Swapna Misra, Gynecologist

I wish a covid free year 2022. Last 2 years there was a lot of financial loss to a lot of people and a lot of loss of jobs. I hope this year provides a comfortable life to everyone and a bouncing upward economy of our country.

Ginni Miglani, Social Media Influencer

Happy New Year to you and your family. May this year bring a lot of happiness, success and prosperity in your life. I hope this year will be free of all the viruses and this year brings smiles and lots of new opportunities for everyone.

Alan C Geoghegan, US Based Warehouse Worker

I wish and pray for peace, stability and good health for all, especially in this era of COVID and for the 82 million refugees dislocated around the world. My heart goes out also to all impacted people in war-torn areas and those severely impacted by climate change and extreme poverty.

Khyaati Sharma, Student

“Since this year has been tough, I really hope 2022 will be full of ultimate joy and blissful unfoldings for everyone reading this! For my own self, wishing for more resilience, blessings, and gratitude for everything I’m grateful for in my life. May the upcoming year bring in lots and lots of positivity and abundance.”

Avneet Gauba, Entrepreneur

Let us be a little more kind and understand that every person is going through his/her own challenges. Nevertheless, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every minute that we’ve all got here!

Sparsh Singh Patial, Student

It’s the time of the year when hopelessness can be romantic and a resolution can become a revelation and when one night can change everything and be the initiation of something great, hopefully a great new year.  After the last few upsetting years of pandemic I hope this year would be a  fresh new start for everyone to lead more fruitful and successful lives and personally I wish to be more happy and optimistic and leave my cynical self behind.

I wish everyone a happy new year and a great 2022!

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