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Let’s Spread Joy!

Vageesha Bahel, Social Media Influencer from Chandigarh

Followers: 35.1 K

‘tis the season to be merry, the season to celebrate, the season of gratitude and the season of gifts. Invited to a Christmas party and wondering what to gift? Or just feeling festive and wish to spread the joy by exchanging gifts? Here are some gifting ideas that will brighten up anyone’s day.

Plants: This year has taught us so much and among the many lessons is the lesson that nature is the most important. 2020 has given birth to many self-taught gardening enthusiasts so it is a great time to gift a plant. Pick a seasonal or an evergreen depending on your choice. You may like to pick indoor plants as these purify the air and look lovely. Christmas is all about the bright and red poinsettias which make a wonderful houseplant and the perfect gift for Christmas.

Tableware: A quick online search will show you several brands dealing in spectacular tableware. You can choose bowls, dishes, innovative platters and so much more. Pick bright coloured pottery tableware which is all the rage these days. You can choose any brand that fits your style and budget, but we can recommend Chumbak, Nestasia and Ellementry.

Gift a Course: This year has been all about self-learning, personal growth and improvement. Why not gift a friend a course in something that interests them. You can purchase a membership for them on any online learning platform and allow them to learn whatever they choose. How about membership of Masterclass for a dear friend?

Whatever you choose to gift, make sure you attach lots of love and joy. Because that’s what Christmas is all about, love, laughter, joy, giving and living. Have a very merry Christmas.

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