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Let’s Celebrate the New Year in a High Zeal!

As we welcome 2023 today, we are all excited for the all-new and fresh new year ahead!

It is that time of the year when we all hope for a good time ahead, forgetting the things which made us sad in the previous year and taking along the nice memories of 2022. So, Tricity Scoop spoke to some of the most-loved Tricity influencers about their new year resolutions.


I am all for new chapters and new beginnings and nothing says “neo” as a start to a year. And this year, I plan to not fall into the trap of what’s conventional or acceptable but embrace who I am with my flaws and my strengths to count the blessings while working on everything that I lack. I will continue to love me but keep working on myself too!


My new year’s resolution is to be and let be. I want to focus on my personal well-being and help as many animals as possible in my vicinity. Being positive is another thing we all must focus on!



We make resolutions each year only to break them. This year, I am trying to not make any resolutions and just focus on my work and health and contribute towards climate change. So, the keyword here is FOCUS. Wishing you all a very happy new year. May this year be prosperous for all of you.


The new year is going to be amazing and here are my goals for 2023!

  • Have a strong blogging mindset: Don’t get dragged away by someone else’s success as I have your own journey to focus on.
  • Create a content strategy: I need to literally dedicate a whole day to craft my content strategy. So, it’s important to have clarity in my content plan.
  • Expand my social network: Social networks play an important role in making new friends and engaging with audiences. So, I plan to expand my social network in the new year.


A new year marks the onset of new beginnings and an unrivalled opportunity for a fresh start. And needless to say, the best fresh start that you can give to yourself is the gift of health and wellness. So, this year, I plan to further commit to a fitter and healthier lifestyle by promising myself a committed fitness regimen and a thoughtful diet plan. Furthermore, I also want to strengthen my mission to help people spearhead their fitness endeavours.


My new year’s resolution is to follow my passion and work on my skills to achieve my goals.



Every year all of us plan to make some changes in our lifestyle to improve ourselves. That’s why we make New Year’s Resolutions. This year I will be more focused on my Mental Health as it includes our emotional, psychological & social well-being. Both are connected: eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep & practicing self-care can hugely benefit your mental health. So, this year. I will make it a goal.


With the new year approaching, I will be focusing more on my health both mentally and physically. And along with it, I am definitely going to travel to many new places and check them out of my bucket list.



Break up the chain of resolutions and let us be constant. Be constant on your hard work, faith, and hope. Keep on doing the work that you love or start loving the work that you do. On the road to success, the rule is always to look ahead. May you reach your destination and may your journey be wonderful. Happy 2023!

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