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Holi Trendsetters by the Lashcara Lash Clinic!

A festival of colours, fun and frolic, Holi is inspired by the beauty of colors in nature and keeping in view the same, Lashcara Lash Clinic has styled the eyelashes in the hue of rose, peacock feather, rainbow and other holi colors! Beyond this, the idea of bringing in colors was also to challenge the dullness that COVID-19 spell has brought into people’s lives.

Eyelash Extensions have been in trend among the young women for quite a while now. World over, experienced Lash artists, keep experimenting with new looks and styling, some of which pick up like a craze over social media and reach places. Colored lashes have been the latest of international trend. This Holi, Lash Artist Varsha Sanwale has introduced a first-of-its-kind stylized color lash extension service.

Hailing from Indore and based presently in Pune, she founded a dedicated Eyelash enhancement startup called Lashcara Lash Clinic in 2019. Trained under International Lash extension artists of repute, Varsha is well known in Pune, Mumbai and International professional Lash artistry circles for her innovative signature styling in Lash extensions. Next on her radar is to set up a centre in Chandigarh.

The clinic is progressively driven by innovation and highest levels of safety and ethics.  With a regular increase in queries that they get from across India, they intend to open a Franchisee in these cities by this Diwali.

The Pandemic Effect

“I have been offering color eyelash extensions to my clients for the last one year at our flagship clinic at Pune, but I really escalated my game in Colored Eyelash styling during the lockdown. I would look at many International colleague’s social media pages and would see how people are open to innovative styling. In India I initially faced hurdles to introduce the concept of colored lashes, because people were not sure if they would be able to carry colored lashes on them or not. Once they got it done, their opinions changed! The colors and styling needs to be tuned to Indian facial aesthetics to make it look amazing!  So I thought what better time than Holi to Introduce the trend of Stylized Colored eyelashes to India and here I am with a special shoot for Holi with my clients, with all these fluttery sets of Colorful Eyelash extensions!,” shares Sanwale.

Colors Are Therapeutic

“Colors are therapeutic in their own way. COVID-19 phase has been dull for many, so I thought why not add some up-lifting colors to the lash extensions that I do. Also, with the masks on, the eyes are the most prominent feature that one can play with and Lash extensions are a great option!” she concludes.

Varsha Sanwale

Here are some excerpts from our candid conversation with Varsha Sanwale:

What is Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extension is a non-invasive cosmetic Lash enhancement procedure in which high quality synthetic lashes are attached to individual lashes with a medical grade adhesive by a professional.

How Long does it stay?

Depending upon various factors, the added lashes stay on an average of 3-4 weeks and then do require a fill-in session to maintain the appeal.

How does it differ from the one day falsies?

Lash extension, unlike the stick on false lashes is performed by a professional. Other than much longer lasting results, the styling can be customized to the aesthetic requirements of the client’s face.

Are there any side effects?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, Lash enhancement comes along with its pros and cons. Service providers before carrying out the procedure should watch out for any known history of allergies to any of the ingredients of products used in the procedure and as well stay tuned with the customer for the first 48 hours to monitor any signs of irritation etc. if any. A rightly performed procedure with quality products minimizes any risks.

How much does Lash Extensions cost?

Depending upon the scope of work, styling etc, the cost of a fresh set of Lash extensions in India varies between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15,000. The touch-ups for maintenance are priced much lower.

What other lash enhancement treatments are available?

Lash lift and Permanent Eyeliner are also picking up really fast in India. In Lash Lift, we use curling serums on natural lashes to enhance their curvature which gives a pretty fresh appeal to the face. Permanent Eyeliner is performed by the technique known as Micropigmentation.

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