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From Tragedy to Triumph: Tale of Vidya’s Indomitable Spirit

Swiggy girl Vidya, a small-town girl from Bihar, captured our hearts some months ago with her indomitable spirit and determination to live an independent life despite being paralyzed in the lower half of her body due to a spinal injury at the age of 17. She has now been awarded the prestigious CavinKare Ability Master Award for Eminence. This award is given to a person with a disability who has gone above and beyond their personal triumphs to demonstrate a commitment to others. The award comprises a memento, a citation, and a cash prize of Rs. 2 lakhs.

Vidya’s story is truly inspiring, and she continues to inspire us all with her resilience and determination. Despite her physical challenges, Vidya has not let anything hold her back. With the help of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab and her own unwavering willpower, she is living a fulfilling and independent life.

It is heartening to see Vidya receive recognition for her outstanding accomplishments. Her story reminds us that with determination and support, anything is possible. We can all learn from her example and strive to overcome our own challenges with the same courage and perseverance.

Tell us about your recent achievement of winning the prestigious CavinKare Ability Master Award?

It was the most overwhelming experience of my life. To win this prestigious award was like a dream. I was bedridden in my home, which is a mud house on a broken wheelchair. People in the village had not seen me for 10 years.

But now, here I was on an open platform with hundreds of people standing up for me giving me a standing ovation, applauding my achievement. I was on stage with amazing achievers and dignitaries.

I cannot imagine the change that God has brought into my life. They say that disability is a curse, but my disability has brought me glory. I thank God and Chandigarh Spinal Rehab for every bit of my journey.

How does the day in your life look like?

An ideal day in my life would be getting up early in the morning and bowing before God with gratitude for giving me another beautiful day. Then I get ready and practice Yoga for an hour. This gives me immense inner strength and helps me keep myself fitter and calmer. After breakfast, I like to sit for some meditation, listen to some devotional songs and connect with my inner self. Then I go to the therapy hall for some exercise.

After that, it’s time for work and I give 4 to 5 hours for the Swiggy delivery. I come back, have lunch, and take some rest. In the evenings I go to table tennis practice for at least 3 hours. An early dinner and some reading after that make my day complete. That’s it.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself flying to a foreign country to represent my country in an international Paralympic Table Tennis Championship.

One final message for our readers.

Life will bring challenges for all, but it is not for us to break down when the going gets rough, but to embrace the challenge with prayer in the heart and connection to the divine. We need to believe that with God all things are possible.

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