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From Medicine To Managing Restaurants

An entrepreneur, a restaurateur, a medical doctor, a philanthropist, and a mother of two, Priyanka Gupta started her career graduating as an MBBS from Mysore in 2007. But she did not limit her scope of career to that. She took a deeper and bolder plunge. Along with her husband, she opened Hops n Grains, the fifth microbrewery in India (and the first in Northern India) in December 2010; thereby spearheading the microbrewery culture in the region.

Creating Value

Priyanka and her husband, Amritanshu, an MBA from Australia, firmly believe that the world can be changed with will and valuable people.

About 5 years ago, in 2016, she opened another microbrewery in Chandigarh by the name of The Great Bear. As time is a highly valuable resource, she and Amritanshu divided their time and duties accordingly. Priyanka says, “your team, your partner and your staff need to be in sync with each other. They need to follow the same set of beliefs and motivational values as you. Hence, it is important to find a good core team.”

The Entrepreneurial Plunge

On being asked what prompted the entrepreneurial plunge, Priyanka says, “I always wanted to do multiple things in life. And I could not be multiple things as a doctor. It was a tough decision to let go of medicine. But since then life has been much of learning. As an entrepreneur, I have had wide and varied experience and have dealt in marketing, branding, brewing, human resource to name a few.”

She further adds the key challenges that she had to face, “We had to develop in-house talent to brew. There were no brewers in the industry that one could employ. Right from sourcing the right equipment and machinery to sourcing the best quality raw materials, everything was a steep learning curve. The biggest challenge was running the brewing plant and its maintenance.”

“Challenges test you, but if your product is good and the team is strong, you can sail through,” Priyanka concludes.

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