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From a School Dropout to Forbes Under 30 List!

Trishneet Arora is no ordinary entrepreneur. He is just 28 and has achieved much more than what entrepreneurs double his age usually do. We got an opportunity to meet this versatile youngster who has made a mark on CyberSecurity not just in India but internationally.

Trishneet, who originally hails from Ludhiana, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TAC Security, a cybersecurity company based out of Mohali, now having offices in other parts of the country and the US. Arora has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. He was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 2018 Asia list and Fortune 40 Under 40 2019 List of India’s Brightest Business Minds.

Here are some excerpts from the exclusive interview with Tricity Scoop.

Trishneet Arora

Walk us through your journey from dropping out of school to becoming a sought-after entrepreneur in the field of CyberSecurity?

I dropped out of school to follow my passion for computers at a very early age, this made me determined to ensure I succeed in my venture. I started the company at the mere age of 19 with Rs 75,000 in a garage, and over the years we are a family of almost 100 people with offices in the USA and India. We started with being a training and service company to develop our own, one-of-its-kind marvel of CyberSecurity – Enterprise Security on One Framework (ESOF). Back in my mind, I always wanted to serve the nation and society and when I saw the opportunity through CyberSecurity, I immediately jumped into it. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500s, Large Enterprises and Governments Globally which has led us to be the pioneers in the Risk and Vulnerability Management Business. We are proud to serve the most powerful nation (United States) on one of the most critical issues “CyberSecurity”

What intrigued you about CyberSecurity that eventually led you to start TAC?

My fascination and an industry-wide study of the need of the CyberSecurity workforce intrigued me to venture into the industry. The CyberSecurity world evolves and grows rapidly which makes it imperative to ensure we stay a step ahead of the adversaries at all times. The vision of securing cyberspace with the ability to define the future is what led me to start TAC Security.

Tell us more about TAC and its endeavours?

TAC Security is a global pioneer in risk and vulnerability management. TAC Security protects Fortune 500 companies, leading enterprises and governments across the globe through its AI-based vulnerability management platform – ESOF (Enterprise Security on One Framework). TAC Security combines the widest view of vulnerability and risk data across the enterprise to create insightful cyber risk scores. The power of artificial intelligence and user-friendly analytics helps a foresighted organization to measure, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities across the entire IT stack. TAC Security works to bring the Future of CyberSecurity, today to empower the organizations to achieve the highest realm of security in the industry.

What are your plans of expansion?

TAC Security is expanding its footprint currently with its TAC Partnership Program, where we empower our partners to offer our services and products to organizations across the globe. The faith in our product and our program’s benefits encourages our partners to offer the best products and services at the best monetary value. We are also exploring the options and opportunities to enter various markets across the globe. We at TAC aim to build the Google of CyberSecurity with our Platform “ESOF” – Enterprise Security in One Framework.

We are bringing the Game changer extended product of Vulnerability Management to the market soon. The Vulnerability Management market globally stands at around $12 Billion, we are eyeing to capture the majority of the market in a decade.

Tell us more about your Tricity connection? What do you love the most about Tricity?

Tricity is an extended home. I started from Ludhiana during my teenage years and Chandigarh was a layover for a few years to build the launchpad to go Mumbai or Global. My parents moved here later, now nothing beats coming back to my mom’s home-cooked food no matter where across the globe I am returning from. I love the serenity, the weather, and the ability to drive to mountains within hours for a quick getaway (I love travelling). My all-time favourite Gopal’s Chana Bhature.

Give us a brief about your achievements, both recent and those in the past.

I think one of my biggest achievements is the ability to provide my customers with unimaginable abilities to secure their cyberspace and then to see my parents extremely proud of me. Of course, I am humbled and grateful for all the awards and recognitions I have received along the way. I feel, when the United State’s Local Government announced my day “Trishneet Arora Day” on 25th August 2017 it was not only a proud moment for me but should be for the entire country.

One message for all our readers?

I have found this interesting; the person has wisdom and their message becomes more relevant but it’s not always true. We should look around, find the best talents around and encourage them to work for the country. If our country is strong, we would be stronger.

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