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For the Love of Coffee

No less than a hug in the mug, coffee is a magical potion that can work wonders in multiple ways. Here’s how!

As an ode to the International Coffee Day (1st October), we feature some note-worthy benefits of coffee. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Cheers!

  1. It Makes You Look Younger: You might have seen some coffee-based beauty products lately and guess what? They’re not only for the essence; coffee actually has some antioxidant-rich properties that can help your skin look young and rejuvenated.
  2. It Makes Way for Positive Vibes: I’m sure that coffee lovers could not agree to this fact anymore. But, well, this is not only in the head. It has been scientifically proven that coffee lowers the risk of depression and affects the neurotransmitters in the brain. It helps in generating the ‘feel good’ hormones serotonin and dopamine (leaving no space for being depresso!).
  3. It Helps You Become Immortal (Well, not literally!): According to a study by Harvard, people who drink three to four cups of coffee per day tend to live longer. It was noticed that women between the ages of 18 and 24 have a 26% lower risk of death. Whereas, men in the same age range have a 20% lower risk.

Not only this, but coffee also aids in ensuring weight loss, increasing metabolism, improving digestion, and reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer.

Additionally, you can also use coffee in creative ways like fertilizing your garden, eliminating any foul odor, exfoliating your skin, adding a natural shine to your hair, and a lot more.

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