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Five On-the-Go Fashion Tips!

Chandigarh-based fashion blogger, Naaz Arora shares four quick tips that will help you slay the fashion game.

Experiment with Colours: You can never go wrong with adding some myriad colours to your outfit. It is always great to experiment with different colours for getting an out-of-the-box look.

Corset is the ‘It Thing’: Don’t know how to add the fashion quotient to your regular outfit? Just complement it with a classic corset.

Floor Length Maxis: The age-old floor length maxis still continue to be a top choice in the fashion industry. You can wear them for almost every occasion.

Wide Leg Trousers: Wide leg trousers are a great option if you like to keep it classy and trendy. They not only make you look elegant but also make you look fitter.

Midriff Flossing: The latest fashion trend for 2021, midriff flossing is another on-the-go fashion trend that will make you look smart and chic!

Chandigarh-based fashion blogger, Naaz Arora has 120k followers on Instagram and can be followed at

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