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Fiorella Blooms Its Presence In The City

India’s first bespoke artisan boxed floral arrangements venture, Fiorella has been one of the most sought-after flower boutiques in the country and this time, it has bloomed its way to the Elante mall, Chandigarh.

The Fragrance of Love

This unique initiative took birth in 2017 when the dynamic duo of Samarth Gupta and Tanuj Dang met through a common friend on a night out preceding Valentine’s Day. They started discussing the dire need of a bespoke flower boutique in India and eventually, they decided to take the plunge together!

Two partners, with an assumption of receiving a mere dozen of orders for Valentine’s day, a flower bouquet designer and a fist full of days, set out to launch Fiorella-The Flower Boutique in Delhi on 6th February 2017. And as destiny would have it, they ended up landing over 100 orders in less than 5 days.

This boost enabled them to foray into enchanting tailor-made floral installations, décor and other arrangements for any milestone moment being celebrated. Within six months of operations, they added a third partner, Jagteshwar Singh, whose extensive knowledge of the intricacies of floral work, a sharp eye for detail, and a strong background in sales and marketing helped them to service these orders, under FIORELLA – The Flower Boutique.

Surpassing the Conventional

The team behind Fiorella shares, “Social media has blurred the geographical boundaries and enabled in multiplying a discerning audience in India. This gave us the idea to move away from conventional bouquets to creating customized and personalized handcrafted artisan flower bouquets. We also introduced flower boxes that have unique shapes and sizes, and even came with compartments to add other gifting items.

”The team is working closely with farmers to ensure sustainable practice has also introduced infinity roses that last up to 365 days!

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