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Eyes Set On Independence Day

Well, literally! This beautiful Tricolor set of Eyelash Extensions is a perfect ode to the 75th Independence Day of India. Designed and executed by one of India’s most progressive Lash Aesthetician and trainer- Varsha Sanwale, this bright and energetic set of coloured eyelash extensions is done by affixing high-quality faux-mink Eyelashes strand by strand on individual eyelashes of the model.

Let’s find out what’s clicking the right spot for such creative collaborations between young professionals from different fields on this Independence Day!

Varsha Sanwale

Varsha Sanwale, Lash Aesthetician, Lashcara Lash Clinic ®

“Most of the clients at my Lash clinic used to play in safe-zone when planning for a fresh set of Eyelash extensions. However, I kept introducing numerous styling options which were trending internationally, like liner look/ wet look/ Kim / wispy etc., and that completely spoiled my clients, to the extent that now, they themselves ask for experimental stylings! It was a great change that I saw in a short span of time in the last few years of my practice. For this project, in particular, I was looking forward to collaborate with someone who could, not only pose for the camera but as well offer a worthy value addition to the short conceptual videos that we intend to shoot. Pranjali, being a classical dancer and well versed with Mudras, came across as a perfect choice,” says Varsha Sanwale, who is the founder of Lashcara Lash clinic® at Pune and is all set to bring her dedicated Lash Enhancement brand to Chandigarh pretty soon.

Kabir Jat

Kabir Jat, Fashion Photographer

Kabir Jat, the fashion photographer who captured the images looks at this project in his own way. “The purpose of a photograph is to speak for itself. I usually do fashion assignments, but at the same time, I always keep myself open to creative ideas which have a special message to convey. For me, it was a medium to express my love for our country. That is why, I have chosen to have bright blue skies as background and give a very fresh and flowing appeal to the imagery; to convey the positivity in such challenging times when India is still emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Pranjali Singh Parihar

Pranjali Singh Parihar, Classical Dancer and Actor

Model, Pranjali Singh Parihar, who is an Indore based, trained classical dancer says, “I have tried lash extensions in past as well, but when Varsha approached me for the creative collaboration on the theme of Independence Day, I could sense, that what she has in her mind is something really special. I am glad that there are people who try to break the mould of normal and experiment to come up with new and creative stuff, and in this case, it was dedicated to the very special day of our beautiful country! So, So, I agreed to be a part of it without giving a second thought. I am glad that the results have surpassed my expectations.

Darshana Jain

Darshana Jain, Makeup Artist

On being asked about her approach to this collaborative project, Darshana says that her idea was to keep it simple. She says, “As a makeup artist working on a collaborative project, we have to blend in with the exact requirement of the project.

In a collaboration such as this, where we know what feature is to be highlighted in the images, we make sure that the rest of the makeup remains subtle and does not overpower the impact of what is in focus. So, I went for a ‘no makeup look’ which simply makes the model’s features more camera-friendly without distracting the eyesight away from the Tricolor eyelashes”

With such a penchant for meaningful and progressive collaborations in the field of glamour and bling, these creative professionals have their eyes set at the Independence Day, and through their creative collaborations, spreading the mantra of ‘Freedom by collaboration’.

Celebrating the Glory of India Tricolor

“How ever-glamorous the Lash extensions might appear, there is a person behind it who has put in a lot of hard work to be able to safely apply eyelashes to achieve aesthetically-pleasing outcomes. The same is true for all artistic pursuits and that’s where I feel, we all four connected as a team and were able to successfully execute this special ode to 75th Independence Day of India. India’s freedom movement too, after all, was an inspiring work of unmatched collaboration. Happy independence to all!” says Varsha, as she signs off.

Credits: Eyelashes styled by: Varsha Sanwale; Photographer: Kabir Jat; Model: Pranjali Singh Parihar; Makeup: Darshana Jain.

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