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Enhance Your Shopping Experience!

 Tricity’s most preferred shopping destination recently rebranded itself as Nexus Elante and as a part of these new beginnings, they also launched the Nexus One mobile application.

Soon anticipated to be the go-to application for shoppers in Chandigarh Tricity, the Nexus One application has a host of features and gratification for all those who download the app.

Available on iOS and Android platforms, the key features of this application include navigating in the mall, getting exclusive shop and win deals, Loyalty program etc, where customers can shop, get points, and then redeem those in the form of enticing discounts in their next shopping spree.

Nexus Elante has around 18 amenities to offer to shoppers including washrooms, baby feeding room, and wheelchair access point – the application will provide all the details and will show you the navigation for the same. One of the most common problems faced by the shoppers is to locate your parking. So, the application also gives you an option to mark your parking and navigate from wherever you want to.  Check it out to have a top-class shopping experience!

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