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Empowering Healthy Food Choices

The National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad, India, with support from the Indo-German collaboration involving three German universities (Augsburg University, The German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam – Rehbrücke, and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy gGmbH), has recently launched a new app called NutriAIDE. This app, developed in partnership with Calvry Wellness, a health tech start-up, aims to revolutionize healthy and sustainable nutrition. The app has undergone scientific testing and will continue to be rigorously tested to ensure its effectiveness. The collaboration focuses on investigating and addressing important aspects of food practices and decision-making related to nutrition. The NutriAIDE app is available to the public free of charge, reflecting its commitment to public interest.

Revolutionizing Sustainable Nutrition

The NutriAIDE app serves as a powerful tool for consumers to measure and transform their personal food practices. The app allows you to scan the serving food on your table which precisely calculates the amount of your calorie intake. It enables individuals to track their nutritional choices with an attractive AI food recognition tool, providing valuable insights and guidance for adopting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By facilitating a deeper understanding of the impact of dietary choices, NutriAIDE provides users with the opportunity to make informed decisions and embrace positive changes that benefit both their well-being and the environment. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and scientific research, the team aims to improve the way individuals approach nutrition by following a holistic approach.

Truly Transformative Science

While addressing the press conference, Prof. (Dr.) Markus Keck, Human Geographer & Chair of Urban Climate Resilience, Augsburg Center for Climate Resilience, Germany who drafted the principal ideas behind this collaboration said this project is an opportunity to do truly transformative science that will make a lasting contribution to improving nutrition in India. This innovation marks a vital step toward transforming the dietary landscape in India. With the collective knowledge and expertise of renowned institutes, NutriAIDE is poised to foster sustainable food practices and drive positive change.

Joined virtually during the occasion, Dr. Subbarao Gavaravarapu, Scientist – Grade F & Head – Nutrition, ICMR – NIN, Hyderabad said that the NutriAIDE project takes such a multi-level approach and examines the benefits and drawbacks of self-quantification among urban middle-class consumers in India, shedding light on the potential of its app technology in promoting healthier and more sustainable diets. The app intends to empower and inform the users not only about the nutritional aspects of their foods but also the factors that shape their food environments.

Present on the occasion, Vineet Singh, CEO of Calvry Wellness, the winner of Tie-Con 2020 Award providing an AI-based food and nutrition recognition platform and also conceptualized this project said that the app boosts consumers in transforming unhealthy and unsustainable dietary patterns, which often involves the consumption of industrially processed foods and excessive intake of sugar, salt, proteins, calories and fat. By encouraging the consumption of nutritious, locally produced, minimally processed, and predominantly plant-based foods, NutriAIDE guides users toward making positive changes in their dietary habits. The project vision is to create awareness not only for health but to society by offering a simple tool to understand our responsibilities towards ourselves as well as the community.

Another speaker from Germany, Dr. Felix Molter representing the German Institute of Human Nutrition said they are excited to be partnering in this project as it is a great opportunity to broaden the knowledge about decision-making processes and apply it to make an impact, with immediate benefits to peoples’ lives and the environment.

An Innovative Venture

Expressing his sentiments, Ajay Shrivastava, Director, Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Mohali delighted to witness the emergence of New Age technology startups in India that are revolutionizing health and sustainable nutrition monitoring. “These innovative ventures are unlocking the untapped potential of technologies to enhance healthcare outcomes and promote a sustainable approach to nutrition across the country,” said Shrivastava.

“NurtiAIDE is an amazing and innovative platform to take care of Individuals to the whole community. The larger objective is to build a sustainable future for generations,” concludes Ravinder Parashar, CBO, Calvry Wellness.

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