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Elante Mall Celebrates Womanhood

Behind every great man, there is a great woman. This saying has been in existence since 1940s and undoubtedly, women have been and continue to be the backbone of every family. The past year was no different and in fact, it tested the perseverance of every individual through the pandemic as families went into a lockdown.

“Rangon Wali Khushiyan”

As life slowly returns to normalcy, Elante Mall takes pride in celebrating the woman who kept the wheels of life in motion through these adverse times. So, Elante Mall decided to dedicate the month of March to womanpower with “Rangon Wali Khushiyan”. The management shared that they are committed to spreading the various colours of happiness with the patrons in the month, which celebrates Women’s Day and the festival of Holi.

Something For Everyone Alike

Elante Mall has made special arrangements for all women patrons who will visit them in March. The mall will welcome all women visiting the mall with a Rose and Card as a token of appreciation and for their valuable contribution to society. The mall has also installed a replica of the Eiffel Tower to add a spark to the memorable clicks’ that one can take at the main mall atrium. What’s more? The mall is also providing free valet parking for all women drivers visiting the mall on 8th March.

Mr Salim Roopani, Centre Director, Elante Mall shares, “At Elante, we take great pride in celebrating the smaller occasions and days, as much as we do in delivering a unique experience in the larger festivities. We are celebrating the month of March as ‘Rangon Wali Khusiyan’ to celebrate the diversity of women on International Women’s Day and then the festival of Holi later in the month. We hope our specially curated offerings for March would help us to recognize the importance of women in our society and give them a little more joy during this month through special offers, free car washes, free parking and a special movie screening.”

Assured Prizes

This month, Elante also has in store certain assured prizes for all the shoppers. For shopping with as little as Rs. 2500/ and over Rs.5,000- there are assured brand vouchers that are up for grabs. Those who shop over Rs.10,000, will get a movie voucher, and for those who will spend over Rs. 20,000/-, a special gift voucher worth Rs. 2000 will be up for grabs.

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