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Discover the Radiant Beauty of Dhoop!

Come November the art gallery, 105Arts, will be celebrating two years of artistic existence. It’s been two wonderful years of initiating a conversation around and about art, creating an artistically charged space and a platform for artists to showcase their exceptional collection of art. Six amazing exhibitions later, they are in a ‘sunshine state of mind’, and ready to present their next showcase, warmly titled, Dhoop.

“Jaade ke din the,

 khidki khuli thi

aur dhoop aa rahi thi”

“Gulzar’s words envelop me in a warm embrace, and I can’t help but let this ‘dhoop’ walk into my life, and that’s how we arrived at the theme of our next show. It’s a welcome to the lovely Chandigarh winter sun,” says the curator of the show and gallery, Mehak Bhan.

Featuring 14 extraordinary Indian contemporary artists, the art show will also have a stimulating workshop with artist Naina Maithani and a musical evening with young music talents of the Tricity.

From the evocative works of Madhuri Kathe and Madhuri Bhaduri; the intricate details spun by Sivabalan, Madan Meena, and Biplab Sarkar; and the bold abstractions of Naina Maithani and Somenath Maity to the harmonious juxtaposition of strength and love in Basuki’s canvases, the tranquil stillness in Shubhra Das’s works, a sense of serenity with mystery in Amol Pawar’s strokes, from the enigmatic and enthralling canvasses and sculptures of G. Subramanian and P. Gnana to Bandana nudging us beyond our comfort zones, tapping into our innermost voices, “Dhoop” endeavours to light up your heart and soul.

When sunlight streams in, it appears as a moment of tranquil stillness, but is also a time of renewal, of fresh beginnings, of rejoicing. Each and every piece of art in Dhoop comes from these brilliant masters of thought, emotion, and technique. Each artwork strives to forge a personal connection with the beholder, stirring a visceral response, infusing life, and lightness into weary souls.

“Gazing upon new art is nothing short of enchantment — an opportunity to glean new perspectives, to witness the world through different eyes, and nourish the heart and intellect,” says Mehak.

The exhibition will be open to public:

  • Date: November 4 to 10
  • Time: 11am to 6pm
  • Venue: 105Arts Gallery, House No. 105, Sector 11 Chandigarh

About 105arts

105arts was founded in 2021 by art lover Mehak Bhan to provide an accessible platform for artists – upcoming and established; as well as to bridge the gap between avid art collectors, first time buyers and art viewers.

Easy to exhibit, walk in, enjoy art and if something is compelling enough, to take it home – it was conceived with an aim to keep it simple. Walk into an old white bricked heritage Chandigarh home, in a green, quiet neighbourhood in the heart of the city. The authentic terrazzo flooring, old-world steep staircases, charming “roshandaans”, sun-washed terraces framed with abundant, deep pink Bougainvillea and glorious red Gulmohar takes one back to a time when conversations and laughter were abundant, warm, easy, and not bound by the hands of a clock.

The gallery celebrates the culture of slow life – when it’s alright to take some time off and partake in the simple pleasure of enjoying art and conversation while sipping chai under the cool shade of the trees.

ART forms the heart of eARTh. Whether it is the cave paintings of Bhimbetka cave shelters which date back to 8000 BCE or the digital art and their NFTs today, the significance of art in human civilisation is undisputed. The petrichor of art slowly refreshes the soul and fills one with ineffable euphoria – it is energising and at the same time, calming.

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