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Digital Augmentation Wins Hearts at Alliance Française

Documentary Biomimetics by French visual artist Pierre-Jean Giloux was recently screened at Alliance Française Chandigarh. The documentary was a merger of still photography and video footage, showing the problem of pollution in Indian cities through an amalgamation of still and video photography, giving solutions to the problem.

For instance, the artist showed the city of Madurai under a tree. It is a merger of still photographs and video giving solutions to the problem of pollution.

The film is inspired by the urban cities in India and their coexistence with nature. The project has been supported by the French Institute in India and French Embassy, along with Alliance Française.

Biomimetics superimposes a digital augmentation to real-life footage, known as augmented reality. It is a fictional documentary conceived by French artist Pierre-Jean Giloux using videos and photographs sometimes reworked with 2D and 3D digital tools.

Giving the details, Giloux explained, “The film project was born following residency carried out in February-March 2020 in India in Cochin. This research phase focused on visual and sound recordings of different cities. This film shows virtual urban organisations and gives solutions to the problems that cities generate pollution.”

“The audience should feel that they are in the film. I like to recreate the same scale of elements as seen in the real world so that people feel concerned for the world around us,” he explained.

Biomimetics is essentially an artist’s view on how nature can help architecture, urbanism, and the overall humankind with our problems like pollution and climate change.

The artist, besides Chandigarh, will tour Bangalore, Trivandrum and Ahmedabad as part of the project.

Giloux, who used to do sketches as a child, started his career as a sculptor. He pursued it further at the Fine Arts College in Lyon, in Paris, and other institutions abroad.

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