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Conquering Peaks, Inspiring Nations!

In an extraordinary feat of patriotism and determination, Saanvi Sood, a seven-year-old prodigy from Tricity, recently accomplished a momentous achievement.

With unparalleled courage and a deep love for her country, Saanvi successfully hoisted the Indian National Flag at the highest peak of Australia. This extraordinary act of national pride has captured the attention and admiration of people worldwide.

So, we recently spoke to Saanvi to learn more about her awe-inspiring journey, the challenges she faced, and the incredible sense of accomplishment she experienced while representing India atop the Australian summit.

Saanvi with her achievements

Tell us about what motivated you to take up mountaineering at such a young age.

My father’s worksites motivated me the most. When I used to go with him to his worksites located in hilly terrains at the young age of four years, I started enjoying trekking, river crossing etc. So, this motivated me to start mountaineering at a young age.

How did you feel when you hoisted the Indian National flag at the highest peak of Australia? Could you share with us the emotions and thoughts that were going through your mind at that moment?

I felt so good and great while hoisting the Indian Flag at the top of another country – Mt Kosciusko, the highest peak in Australia. I was going through a mixed feeling, a little tired yet satisfied. It was really a beautiful feeling, which cannot be described in words.

When I was at the top, holding the national flag, that time I felt so proud of myself, and at the same time, I thanked God for giving me such an opportunity to represent our nation.

Saanvi with the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann

Climbing Mount Kosciuszko during harsh winter conditions must have been incredibly challenging. Can you describe some of the difficulties you faced during your journey and how you overcame them?

Yes, it was really very challenging, especially when you are climbing in the months of winter. It was very windy and snowy throughout the summit walk, due to which I was unable to see properly, and my feet were getting deep into the snow. The temperature at the top was around -12 degree Celsius and it was very challenging to hold the flag there due to the heavy storm. On that day, around 80-90 climbers started to walk with us, but very few were able to summit due to very bad weather. Facing a significant challenge, I relied on the power of a positive mindset, my unwavering determination, the constant support of my father, and, above all, the blessings bestowed upon me by God. Together, these forces enabled me to triumph over the obstacle in front of me.

What kind of training and preparation did you undergo before attempting to summit Mount Kosciuszko? How did you balance your schoolwork and training?

My training is all managed by my father. I do cycling, running, yoga and gym training. After coming from school, I used to complete my school work first, then I would go to the gym for some exercises on alternate days, and in late evenings, I would usually go running and cycling with my father.

As you plan to scale the remaining 5 summits of the world, what factors do you consider when choosing your next mountain to conquer? Is there a specific summit you’re most excited about?

The main factors, which we take into account for any summit are the right weather conditions, a good travel agency, all safety aspects, and detailed information about the summit before departure.

Undoubtedly, Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, holds global recognition. I eagerly await the moment when my name, “Saanvi Sood,” resonates across the world as I conquer the summit of Mount Everest.

Mountaineering is an extreme sport that involves risks. How do you manage the fear and stay focused while climbing such treacherous peaks?

Yes, it’s true that mountaineering is a risky sport, but at the same time, it is the most adventurous and enjoyable one. While climbing, my prime focus is on the summit only, so my willpower, my parents’ support and the blessings of God, help me to forget all my fears and focus on my target.

With her father Deepak Sood

We understand that your father, Deepak Sood, accompanies you on these expeditions. How has his support and guidance contributed to your success in mountaineering?

From day one, my father has been continuously supporting me. He manages time from his business and accompanies me every time on these difficult treks. My journey to Everest base camp is due to his motivation only and without him, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to go for these summits. His motivation is not confined to me only but to other young girls of the nation. His determination motivates me to do something for the society as I had written one slogan for the girls – “Feel Free in Free India”. I love this bond that we both share, and these are some of the memorable moments of my life, which will last with me forever.

What advice would you give to other young aspiring mountaineers?

When it comes to aspiring young mountaineers, my advice is clear: With physical and mental strength, unwavering faith in both a higher power and your own abilities, and the unwavering support of your parents, there are no limits to what you can achieve in life. These fundamental elements serve as the foundation for reaching new heights and conquering the most challenging of mountains.

Finally, what are your future goals and aspirations in mountaineering? Do you have any specific plans for the coming years?

My future goal is to climb seven summits of the world. As of today, I have already summited Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kosciusko (The highest peak in Africa and Australia) and now we are planning to summit Mt Elbrus in July which is the highest peak in Russia. My specific plan is to climb the peaks and spread the message of promoting girl power, empowering women and girls, and creating fitness awareness among the youth of the nation.

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