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City-based Writer Releases an Intriguing Read Titled ‘Meera’

Mrinaal Datt, a well-known social media and content strategist has recently released an intriguing read about a carefree girl named Meera who believes in living her life to the fullest.

“Meera is looking forward to starting her adult life by joining a job that she has been dreaming of, that is until her life is turned upside down one night. While coming back from her interview, she is intercepted by a group of five men who sexually assault her and leave her to die, but that is not to be. Meera is broken and has given up on life but soon the accused are caught and brought in front of a court. But this is where things start to get extremely confusing,” informed Mrinaal.

While what seems like a quest for justice suddenly turns into a story that leaves the reader wanting more. This page-turning thriller is now no more a story of justice but also a commentary on relationships, mental health and much more.

“The idea for this book has always been there inside of me as I read numerous articles about sexual assault. This book is a dedication to all women, who have even for a second, felt unsafe in their lives,” concluded Mrinaal.

Did things go down exactly as Meera describes or there’s something that she is hiding? Is Meera lying? Or is there something more to the story? These are all questions that the audience will find the answers to once they pick up this book!

About the Author: Mrinaal Datt is a postgraduate in law. She did her B.Com/LLB from UILS, Punjab University in 2019 followed by a Master’s in 2021 in Constitutional and Administrative Law from Chandigarh University. She works as a social media and content strategist for various brands and has her own blog ( wherein she talks about all things lifestyle. You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube @mrinaaldattblogs.

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