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Cheers to 2021!

The much awaited 2021 is finally here and we at Tricity Scoop are excited to welcome the New Year with reverberated zeal and verve!

The year 2020 has been an unforgettable one, leaving behind some not so cherished memories. As we look ahead towards a better 2021, we spoke to some prominent personalities of Tricity asking them about their 2021 New Year resolution and one lesson that they have learnt from 2020.

Sangeet Sharma with his wife Purnima and son Shivansh

Sangeet Sharma (Architect, Author & Poet): My resolution is to work for the community, fraternity and family. These are the only fulcrums in life, and they should be nurtured. This is my sole resolution. 2020 taught me to be able to be self-reliant, to trust oneself first and then others, to feel the inner strength and then look outside. This is the lesson of a lifetime!

Dr. Rishi Nagpal with his wife Dr. Neha Bector Nagpal and son Aadish

Rishi Nagpal (Doctor): My resolution for 2021 is to improve the quality of living not with money but with the happiness and contentment of helping others (the underprivileged) more. In 2020, I learnt several lessons like, when the sun sets down on life no amount of money or contacts can save you (COVID claimed both rich and the poor in equal numbers). Invest in your health and in your relationships, as it is only true friends and family that stick with you in difficult times.

Aruna Bhardwaj

Aruna Bhardwaj (Educationist): In the year 2021, I hope to continue with this learning of going slow and taking things easy. If your mind is in the center, it will help you quieten it, and everything will go as planned. In the last year, I have learnt that change is permanent and having contentment is the biggest lesson. I got time to meditate and spend time with myself. I also learnt that health is very important in life.

Param Kalra with his father Satnam Singh and mother Tejinder Kaur

Param Kalra (Founder – Starthub Nation Coworking spaces and Chairman – Startups Committee, PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Punjab): 2020 made us learn a lot, especially in terms of families, relationships, low times & sustaining in crucial times. I’ll want to implement all the learning from the previous year and live a balanced work-personal lifestyle so that I can achieve work targets while making it fancy at home for myself & family. 2020 was a year of corrections and especially our generation has learnt how to survive at minimal options, making life fun out of it and taking care of our people.

Daljit Sharma with her husband Manoj Sharma, and sons Harshvardhan and Karanveer

Daljit Sharma (Management Consultant): Other than taking a resolution related to my personal, health-related and professional goals, I would rather focus on developing an undefeated spirit and become a source of hope and joy for everyone in my environment. We had a tough year since January 2020. Tomorrow is just a day change, but I pray and wish that this year brings happiness and peace in all eight corners of the earth. 2020 has taught me a lot of patience and gratitude, which has strengthened my determination to keep having hope in my life and the life of people around me.

L-R: Hargobind, Ranbir Singh, Aaneet Shan, Jas K Shan, Kuljeet S. Shan, and Gurjot Shan

Jas K Shaan (Managing Director, Jaskshan’s Dance Dacha): My 2021 resolution is to focus on doing what makes me feel more alive and excited. 2020 has taught me that nothing stops for you. Just make sure that you don’t stop for anything. Being on your purpose is the most important along with having discipline towards it.

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