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Chandigarh Girl Makes It Big in US Administration

In a recent significant achievement, Chandigarh-based lawyer, Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary has made history by becoming the first South-Asian community member to be elected at an integral post of Commissioner of Immigrants Rights in the United States. Among the several duties that have been assigned to her, Chaudhary will also deal with people seeking asylum based on gender-based violence.

Hailing her roots from the City Beautiful, Kudrat moved to the USA in 2018 and ever since then, there has been no turning back!

Read this exclusive interview to know more about her trailblazing journey.

Tell us a little about your roots in Chandigarh Tricity.
I was born and brought up in Chandigarh and spent 24 years of my life there. I went to school and Law School in the city beautiful. My family is in Chandigarh and the city beautiful will always be my first home.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

I love how Chandigarh has its own quaint culture and how small and beautiful it is.

When and why did you move to the US? How has the journey been so far?

I moved in 2018 for Graduate school and studied at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University. And then after graduation, I moved to San Francisco to work as a Gender Rights Specialist. My journey has been that of growth, self-reflection and realizing my purpose in life. I am not sure if I can articulate my true experience in words, but I know that it certainly shows in the woman I am today.

Tell us a little about your latest achievement of being the first South Asian to become the immigration commissioner in the US?

I applied for this position while serving as the Co-Chair of Women’s March San Francisco and working as a Gender Rights Specialist. I applied for the Commission because I was ready to step into policy whilst working in advocacy and law.

Immigration Rights Commissioners right after the Swearing in Ceremony

What are going to be some of your key agendas in this role?

One of my main aims would be to find ways to bridge the gap between policy makers and non-immigrant Indians living in the city and the country. And of course, to add representation in city policy of South Asians and South Asian women especially would be one of my main aims as well.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I feel comfortable in building visions over concrete plans. So, at this point, I can say that in five years, I will continue to keep working towards my life’s purpose.

Who has been your source of inspiration for all this while? Why?

I think the strength I’ve seen in the women who raised me, the women who I work with and the women who have supported me in my journey inspire me every day.

One final message for our readers.
Have faith and keep working towards being your most authentic self.

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