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Celebrating the Tranquil Feeling of Homecoming

Mere ghar ke aangan mein chhotaa saa jhoolaa hogaa

Sondhi sondhi mitti hogi lipaa huaa chulhaa hogaa

Thodi thodi aag hogi thodaa saa dhuaan

Tinakon kaa bas ik aashiyaan

Thodi si zamin thodaa aasamaan

                                                         – Gulzar

“Ghar” – where the heart resides, where the soul heals, where the mind rests and resets.

Ghar/home is our safety net, where our stories begin and our senses come alive – with the scent of our mother’s perfume and the protective presence of our father, with the aromas of masalas wafting through the kitchen and drinking nimbu paani in summers and sipping on adrak chai in winters, with the warmth of the winter sun in the sunny spot of the verandah and cool nights spent counting stars with friends and cousins, with the lanes ringing with sounds of laughter and bursting crackers at Diwali. Home is not a place. It’s a feeling, a longing, for the love we once had, and wish for.

Keeping in view the same, the fourth exhibition from the house of 105Arts has curated the works of 10 exceptional artists from across India to encapsulate these very deep associations and bond with “ghar” or “home”.

Ghar is an emotion that lives within us, transcending physical distances. Our cities, towns and villages become our home; their familiar sight smells and sounds offer unparalleled comfort.

Ghar in its deepest sense is our soul, which travels with us in each lifetime; and in the broadest sense, it is the blue planet, our earth, which we take for granted, just like a family member.

On similar lines, this exhibition invites you to experience that beautiful feeling of home once again, through moving works of art by talented and established senior artists like Nayanaa Kanodia and Vinita Karim, canvases by visionary artists like Satya Dheer Singh, Manisha Agrawal, Daphy Brar, Sandesh Khule, Ashif Hossain and Priyanka Aelay that draw you into the new and the familiar, sculptures by Swati Pasari that transports you to the spiritual realm of the “pooja ghar”, and the world of simplistic pleasures of childhood by Shiv Kumar Soni.

“This exhibition endeavours to capture the magnetism of home, its lure, its pull. Every aspect of the home highlighted in each of the works will leave the viewer mesmerized, and fill him/her with the sweet, simple warmth of a family, a home, a “ghar”,” says curator and gallery owner, Mehak Bhan.

Home is about sweet memories, and “Chalo Ghar Chalein” will create a brand new one by honoring the framers of Chandigarh and Delhi who have been “like a pillar, instrumental in bringing out the artworks in beautiful frames. They are our chief guests who will inaugurate the exhibition. This is our way of saying thank you, to Deepak Printers, to Glass Traders, to all the framers in the city and New Delhi, to the workers for helping us keep the artistic spirit alive,” says Bhan.

The exhibition is organised from November 26 to December 2 at 105Arts Gallery, 105, Sector 11, Chandigarh.

About 105Arts

105Arts gallery was founded in the year 2021 by art lover Mehak Bhan to provide an accessible platform to the artists – upcoming and established as well as bridge the gap between avid art collectors, first-time buyers, and art viewers.

A space to empower artists, and to bring together the arts, artists, and collectors, 105arts was conceived with the aim to walk in and experience art, and if something is compelling enough, to take it home.

Walk into an old white-bricked heritage Chandigarh home with bottle green terrazzo flooring, charming “roshandaans”, sun-washed terraces framed with abundant, deep pink Bougainvillea and glorious red Gulmohar, and celebrate the culture of slow life – when it’s alright to take some time off and partake in the simple pleasure of soaking in art; strike a conversation with other viewers while sipping chai under the soothing shade of the trees.

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