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Celebrating the 93rd ‘Janam Jayanti’ of the Doyen of Indian Classical Music

Conceived and conceptualized in the honour and memory of Sangeet Martand, Padma Vibhushan, Pandit Jasraj, the Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation, which was launched in 2022 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently celebrated the 93rd Janam Jayanti of the doyen of Indian classical music and its first anniversary at Chandigarh.

The celebrations were graced with the presence of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, with singer and Padma Shri awardee, Sonu Nigam as the guest of honour along with Madhura Pandit Jasraj.

Pandit Jasraj’s disciples Pt Rattan Mohan Sharma and Lokesh Anand (Shehnai) began the special afternoon with auspicious shlokas from the Bhagwad Gita, while another disciple, Sanjay Sharma, a TV personality, hosted the event.

A Phenomenal Artist

A world-renowned vocalist and the first Indian classical musician to be honoured by The International Astronomical Union, with a planet named after him for his extraordinary contribution to the field of music, Pandit Jasraj was born in Pilli Mandori, a small village in Haryana. Through every stage of his life and professional growth, he remained rooted in Haryana. He built a library in Pilli Mandori village, which provided the youth, both boys and girls, with better educational opportunities and encouraged many more to study hard and improve their career prospects.

“This is a special moment, as we share with a larger audience, the cultural renaissance we hope to bring in the pious land of Geeta, our beloved Haryana, at a global level, and also the plans of the Foundation in the field of music,” shared Durga Jasraj and Neeraj Jaitly, founders of the Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation.

A Visionary Initiative

Chief Minister, Haryana Shri Manohar Lal, speaking on the occasion charted his journey of work in Haryana. “Behind every successful man, is a woman and Madhura ji was Pandit’s partner in his life and musical journey. We should take his work and legacy forward and this foundation will help this cause.” He further stated, “The word sangeet itself is so powerful, it has so many dimensions and meanings if we dissect it carefully. In Haryana, music has seeped deep into society and people from all walks of life are immersed in music.”

Lending his support, the CM announced a contribution of Rs 21 lakh to the foundation. He also announced two entry gates to Pandit Jasraj’s village Pili Mandori and to name these after Pandit ji. “We will also build a Bhawan, two volleyball nurseries, clean the pond and beautify the area in the village and name an Oxyvan in the name of Pandit Jasraj in Panchkula,” he further stated.

In Haryana, the foundation’s plan is also to curate a global-level traditional music festival featuring some of the biggest names in the field.

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