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British Deputy High Commissioner Embraces Chandigarh’s Essence

British Deputy High Commissioner Caroline Rowett recently celebrated International Yoga Day by acknowledging the city beautiful Chandigarh’s ability to inspire deep self-connection and the true essence of yoga.

Rowett, based in Chandigarh, expressed her joy in the city’s blissful living experience and extended her greetings to all on this significant occasion.

Rowett took to her Twitter handle to congratulate city residents on International Yoga Day, accompanied by a captivating picture of people engaging in yoga exercises. The image captured the essence of the day and showcased the city’s devotion to yoga and well-being.

Rowett took advantage of the opportunity to highlight the city’s famed Rock Garden, known for its unique portrayal of human artistry. She also shared an image of an artist sculpting a masterpiece, showcasing the garden’s remarkable creativity and celebrating the connection between Yoga, Chandigarh, and art.

International Yoga Day has become a global phenomenon, celebrated annually on June 21st since its inception in 2015. It aims to raise awareness about the significance of yoga in maintaining a healthy body and mind, promoting overall well-being, and fostering peace and harmony.

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