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Being Virtually Romantic!

The age-old saying that ‘marriages are made in heaven’ has now found an all new meaning as couples tie the knot virtually. Tricity Scoop talks to one such couple who has set a benchmark in maintaining social distancing!

Preet Singh from Mumbai and Neet Kaur from Delhi laid the foundation stone of their relationship online and as destiny would have it – the duo recently got married in the virtual space. We speak to the couple to know more about their exciting journey!

The idea behind Preet and Neet’s marriage was simple – getting married in the presence of our entire family. While highlighting their intent, Preet shared, “With COVID-19 cases presently escalating and travel restrictions being imposed all over the world, it would not be possible for my overseas family, especially my sister in Canada to travel to India until next year. Since we did not wish to wait an entire year, we decided to have the wedding over a video call so the entire family could attend while being safe in their homes.”

Good Things Can’t Wait

On how they managed to convince their parents, Preet shared, “I thought if everyone is working from home, attending school, college and even yoga class from home, then why can’t we get married from home? We had found a way to get married with the whole family while fulfilling our duty of staying at home and also got so set an example of social distancing, which is the need of the hour.”

When asked if they wore the same clothes they had planned for the wedding, Preet and Neet firmly replied, “No, since we had a simple ceremony at home the clothes were also kept simple. The planned wedding clothes will be worn at the Gurudwara.”

The duo plans to seek almighty’s blessings once the lockdown comes to a close. While shedding light on the same, the couple shared, “The only plan after lockdown is to be safe. We feel that it is our social responsibility to avoid any large gatherings shortly and hence no functions are planned. But as soon as the lockdown comes to an end, we shall get married at a Gurudwara to obtain God’s blessings with just our parents.”

True Love Prevails

“Though we are still apart, it gives us great joy to call each other husband and wife, something that we have long waited for. We learnt that true love prevails over everything, including a global pandemic,” Preet and Neet added.

Recently a Twitter user, Gazal Bawa had decided to postpone her wedding following the corona virus outbreak but her friends made it sure to throw a ‘virtual’ sangeet party to make Gazal and Hemant feel special.

Meanwhile, a couple in South India – P. Anjana, from Pallippad, who is staying in Lucknow and Sreejith Nadesan, from Changanassery in Kottayam, will be celebrating their wedding online on April 26.

Tricity Scoop extends heartfelt wishes to the couple (s). May you have a blessed life ahead and get to see each other face-to-face soon.

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