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Bask in the Beauty of Nature!

As the summer sun soars high and the scorching heat takes over our travel plans, nothing can be a better get away than basking in the beauty of nature. And why go far away when you can nestle peacefully in the heart of Tricity, at the Chandigarh Bird Park.

A much sought-after destination for nature (and specifically bird) lovers, the Chandigarh Bird Park is nothing less than a blessing in disguise in today’s arena when everything is gradually turning into a concrete jungle!

Strategically located in Van Nagar near Sukhna Lake, the Chandigarh Bird Park was developed by the Department of Forest

and Wildlife for promoting bird conservation and serving as a serene tourist destination in the City Beautiful.

This bird park is spread across approximately 6.5 acres of land and is home to a diverse species of birds including white swan, black swan, wood duck, African love birds, and yellow golden pheasant amongst others. The architecture of the park is designed in a way that it makes space for the birds to breed in, live and fly harmoniously.

So, if you are thinking of planning an outing with your friends and family, you can consider visiting the Chandigarh Bird Park and rejuvenate between an exotic species of birds varying across terrestrial, tamed, and aquatic birds.

The Chandigarh Bird Park is operational from 10 am to 6 pm. However, it is closed for visitors every Monday and Tuesday.

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