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Appear Confident & Attractive

Mitsu Solanki, 11.4K Followers

Fashion Model, San Francisco, California

We have all heard of the phrase “fake it, till you make it” but how exactly can you practice faking it until you start embracing it?

Here are few starters to help you appear confident and attractive!

Body Language: Stand and walk tall. Never fidget and move your body side to side, this shows a lack of confidence. Stay firm and imagine that there are paparazzis always capturing all your angels, even if you’re just at a grocery store.

Meeting New People: While introducing yourself, one trick that shows someone that you’re not to be taken lightly, is a super firm handshake. Shake your hands like you mean it and don’t keep it flimsy. This automatically makes you appear strong and in power.

Dress To Impress: When you look good, you feel good. As simple as it can get. Practice dressing up even when you don’t have anywhere important to be. This allows you to practice faking it even while just grabbing a coffee. Practice makes an individual perfect.

Eye contact: Looking elsewhere while trying to make a point to the person across you makes them not take you seriously. Furthermore, while the other person is talking, maintain eye contact (a trick is to stare in between their eyes instead of just dead on looking into them).

Allow Silences: Oftentimes when we talk to people, we rush to get to our point. A key quality of a confident person is staying silent. That means, do not be afraid to be silent for 5-10 seconds in any conversation until you form a firm response. Don’t be the loudest one in the group that usually screams for attention. Confident people don’t beg for it.

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