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Acing the Art of Radio Jockeying

A name that needs no introduction, RJ Golmaal Gagan has been winning hearts of the people of Tricity with his top-notch radio jockeying skills and acumen. So, this week, we speak to him about his experience as a pioneering Radio Jockey in Tricity, the key challenges that he had to face for all this while and his success mantra to stay positive no matter what. Read further to know more about him: 

What is your favourite aspect of being a Radio Jockey in Tricity?

Being a Radio Jockey in Tricity, well, being an RJ anywhere is a fun job. But what most people are unaware of is that at the same time, it’s challenging too, as we face new challenges daily. For example, we have to prepare unique content every day and most times in advance, find new ways to entertain listeners, make them laugh, and whatnot.

Besides, being an RJ, you get paid for playing songs and talking to people. Where would you find a job that pays you for entertaining others and getting entertained too?

However, getting back to the main question, I must say being an RJ in Tricity is fantastic. You won’t believe how many friends I have made with whom I just had a conversation session on a public talk show. People actually show their love towards RJs; even when I am out with my friends or family, people come to me to say hi and greet me well, invite me for parties and other get-togethers. That’s how I got to know, “yes, I have a good following of radio listeners.”

One major challenge that you had to face in this profession? How did you overcome the same?

The one major challenge that any RJ has to face is that you only have your voice to connect with people. There are no facial expressions, no visuals; your voice is everything. It is quite a challenge to maintain a strong, radio-suitable, weighty, and convincing voice. Yes, it is way more difficult than you think. Other challenges can include not sounding boring to people, remaining energetic all day long. I literally developed a personality to keep that energy retained and broadcast it through radio signals.

Staying up to date with trends is another challenge. Back then, when I started my career, there were no social media platforms; I had to read a few newspapers every day, watch a few movies every week so that I could share my reviews on the radio. Additionally, with social media, things are coming up in front very fast; if you miss out on a story, you are too late to use it in your program.

To overcome all such challenges, I eat and drink selectively healthy, especially things that are good for my throat, to have an impactful voice. I still read newspapers, watch the news on TV, be active on almost all social media platforms, and stay updated about everything happening in and around this beautiful planet.

RJ Golmal Gagan is an RJ with 94.3 MY FM and can be followed on Instagram at and on Facebook at

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