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Ace the Art of Dancing

Here are some important tips that will help you to effectively improve as a dancer:

1. You’re not “too old,” and it’s never “too late”: First of all, you’re not alone in that feeling. The fact is that there is no singular “timeline” you have to follow. You can start to do whatever you want, whenever you want to.

2. Patience is an art: For all of this to happen, of course, you need patience. I’ve seen some people show up to their first beginner’s class and get frustrated after half an hour that they can’t follow the most basic steps. But that’s not how it works. Learning new steps is a reward that comes from patience and practice.

3. It’s good to make mistakes: You often have to keep getting it wrong until you eventually get it right. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to dance. Instead of seeing mistakes and failures as setbacks, see them as a learning process that you need to go through.

4. Learning by doing: The most trivial and probably the most effective tip from my list is to take classes and by that, we mean lots of them! Learn as much and you can from every style you can take classes on. Don’t focus on the stuff you know but on stuff you don’t! Modern and ballet isn’t your type of dance? Try it anyway. Get out of your comfort zone and grow to become a versatile and open-minded dancer and human being.

5. Be yourself!: Don’t focus on what’s cool, but more on what feels good to you.

6. Relax and have fun dancing: Remember, dancing is meant to be fun, not a chore or something to get worked up about. Dancing is meant to help lower your blood pressure, not raise it, so don’t stress.

Anu Nain is an eminent dancer and choreographer. You can follow her on Instagram at

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