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A Passion for Fashion!

There were times when we would read fashion columns in newspapers and magazines or watch beauty shows on television to stay abreast with the latest fashion trends. However, with the advent of the social media revolution, we now follow social media influencers to know what’s trending.

So, we at Tricity Scoop, this time thought of adding some glamour to this issue by speaking to some of the leading fashion & lifestyle influencers of the city to get an interesting insight into their journey from being a commoner to almost becoming a celebrity!

Naaz Arora, Age: 26, Followers: 120K

Naaz Arora

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

I am a social media influencer for a particular reason, which is to change people’s conventional mindset of being of a particular body type in a fashion-based industry. It was a really good decision that I started as an influencer who was somewhat medium to large size. People have accepted me with open arms. They have been really kind to me. The journey has been good and has had its own share of ups and downs. Earlier brands never recognised a city like Chandigarh, now they recognise the city with good influencers. I was one of the pioneer influencers to start in my own city so definitely, I have helped to change the conventional mindset about body positivity. People used to judge me on social media, but I have been able to get people who appreciate me and adore my style and that is where we connect!

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

First of all, I love the greenery in Chandigarh. The people are so warm here and they are so humble, always there to help. So, I love Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali a lot.

Mittali Arora, Age: 25, Followers: 77.3K

Mittali Arora

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

I was very fat earlier but when I lost weight, I got my photoshoot done. I got a lot of praises and my friends told me that I was really looking pretty. That was really encouraging for me and then I started posting pictures regularly on Instagram, and I eventually reached where I am today.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

In Tricity, everything is great as there is so much to see and so many places to chill. The people are so nice and to sum up, everything is just too good!

Vageesha Bahel, Age: 29, Followers: 35.1 K

Vageesha Bahel

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

I was initially motivated by my brother to start my YouTube channel and till date, he has been my support system. He shoots all my videos and clicks all my pictures. Later, I started my Instagram journey and the response was amazing. I have had the most beautiful journey as this has helped me connect with so many talented, creative and artistic people. I am amazed to see people have so much passion to do something out of the box, be it in creating a dish or designing clothes or products and so on. I have truly enjoyed every bit of it, and I look forward to more adventures.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

I love everything about Tricity. Especially the fact that we get to experience each season and that there is so much greenery. The short distances, the law and order, the fresh air, proximity to the Himalayas, the people – everything.

Astha Sharma, Age- 20, Followers-25.5 K

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

Astha Sharma

I started my journey of being a Digital Content Creator about 4 years back and at that time, my main focus was on uploading trendy pictures with some quirky fashion hacks. Later, I even started writing my own blog ‘ Arabellastyling’ which means Elegant Styling. My friends and parents always motivated me to try out this field because of my keen interest in it. This decision has now made me a social media influencer which was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made so far. Every day I learn something new from the digital world and I keep getting new innovative ideas for my fashion videos and beauty content.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

One thing which I love the most about Tricity is its vibe. I’ve been born and brought up in Chandigarh, so I’ve fully explored it and the adjoining cities – Mohali and Panchkula.

The peace and greenery which one can feel here are just amazing. Once you are here, every place seems very near and accessible. The people which you’ll meet here will always have a charm in their personality and the aura is just blissful. The small places over here such as Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake will give you so much to remember.

Jaffy Garg (Cosmolifestyler); Age- 33 years, Followers: 24.1K

Jaffy Garg

What motivated you to become a social media influencer? How has the journey been so far?

To be honest, I didn’t know that this term ‘social media influencer’ even existed when I started with my page ‘cosmolifestyler’ back in June-2018. Primarily, I wanted to be a food blogger and I even tried that for a couple of months because my love for food is inevitable. However, at the right time, I realized that fitting into my clothes was getting difficult, so I switched from Food to Fashion and Beauty Blogging. Initially, it was all about taking a decent picture with the product and writing a fancy caption but with the passage of time, I realized this is something that I enjoy. I communicate with so many people, negotiate with them, share my opinion with my audience and most importantly I feel that somebody is listening. Being acknowledged or appreciated is the best feeling ever and a person who is appreciated will always go an extra mile to make things happen- this was something which was lacking in my job (Medical Writer) and was fulfilled by my passion (Instagram Cosmolifestyler). Eventually, with content creation, I learnt something everyday. Overall, it has been a very rewarding journey with so many challenges and dips. There have been days when I really worked hard and still was unnoticed and with an ever-changing Instagram algorithm- this journey is full of surprises and challenges.

One thing that you love the most about Tricity?

I have this notion that Tricity is the best place to live in India. It is a well-planned city and has beautiful architecture, cultural growth and modernization. Resting at foothills of Shivalik, a short trip to hills can be planned anytime. Moreover, it is well connected to major cities of India and caters to everyone’s mood- Lake for peace, clubs for parties, malls for shopaholics, parks for nature lovers, museums from a historical point of view. Also, the cost of living concerning other metro cities is average and Chandigarh has the finest schools, colleges and universities. It is mostly full of Punjabis which I feel are full of life and are friendly & fun-loving people. Once we spend a few years in Chandigarh, we cannot help but feel the vibe.

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