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A Galaxy of Love!

In a fast-paced world where time seems to fly by, it is all too easy to overlook the needs of our elderly population, often leaving them feeling isolated and neglected. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are compassionate individuals who recognize the importance of cherishing and supporting our senior citizens. One such individual is the 16-year old Eklavya Kapoor, the founder of Cosmostars, a remarkable initiative dedicated to improving the well-being of the elderly.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the story behind this heartwarming organization. Their motivation, mission, and vision for a brighter future for the elderly are sure to inspire and remind us all of the significance of fostering a vibrant and caring community for our elders. Join us as we uncover the journey that led to the birth of Cosmostars and explore the various impactful programs that are transforming the lives of countless elderly individuals for the better.

Please introduce yourself and share the inspiration behind starting Cosmostars. What’s the significance of the name?

I am driven by a personal connection to the cause of Cosmostars. As a non-medical student with a demanding schedule, I realized that my busy life had caused me to grow distant from my grandparents. Witnessing their loneliness and its impact on their mental well-being, I felt compelled to act. Thus, I initiated Cosmostars, aiming to improve the well-being of neglected elderly individuals.

The name “Cosmostars” symbolizes our belief in treating elders as shining stars within the vast cosmos (universe).

Could you tell us about the experiences and encounters that led you to establish Cosmostars? What is the mission and vision behind the organization?

Cosmostars is a non-profit organization with a clear mission – to enhance the lives of elders and provide them with a joyful and healthy lifestyle. We accomplish this by offering a diverse range of free events, conducted by experienced professionals, that focus on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our elders. Our vision is to build a vibrant community where the elderly can thrive, remaining connected with the world and enjoying life to the fullest.

How do you envision enhancing the lifestyle of the elderly through the initiatives of Cosmostars?

Our approach revolves around empowering the elderly to lead fulfilling lives by positively influencing their mental and emotional well-being. We aim to help them rewire their minds, letting go of past pains and embracing a more positive outlook on life.

Please elaborate on the various programs and activities that Cosmostars offers.

At Cosmostars, we provide a variety of programs, including Yoga, Nutrition, Psychology, Games, and Music, all facilitated by highly skilled professionals such as AIIMS Doctors, government-certified yoga experts, and nutritionists.

What are the most significant achievements of Cosmostars thus far?

One of our most fulfilling accomplishments has been reaching out to over 6000 elders, which serves as validation that we are on the right track. Witnessing thousands of elders benefiting from our initiatives is incredibly rewarding for our team and volunteers.

Running an organization while being a student must come with its challenges. How do you maintain a balance between your academic responsibilities and Cosmostars commitments?

Over time, we have streamlined our operations with the help of interns who manage daily progress. I ensure that I am actively involved in club activities to monitor smooth functioning. I prioritize my time and focus on what truly matters to avoid any wastage.

Looking ahead, what do you hope to achieve with Cosmostars in the next 5-10 years?

In the upcoming years, we are excited to launch our app, which will offer various elder-focused solutions, including event updates, stories, and instant support. With an aim to reach lakhs of active users, we aspire to make a significant impact on the lives of the elderly across the nation.

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